Mobile Seed Cleaner

Client: Klean a Seed
Location: Yarrawonga
Project Type: Automation, Electrical, Mechanical

Yarrawonga-based mobile container plant Klean a Seed has been operating since 2009, offering various mobile seed cleaning services to farmers in the area.

VK Logic worked alongside Klean a Seed when the company needed to reimagine a preexisting machine offered to previous customers to meet their new cleaning needs.

The team at Klean a Seed explored 5 concept graders before reaching a working concept where the grain flowed through the machine to determine what equipment was needed to start developing designs.

Our shared goal was to manufacture a machine with more user-friendly controls through an upgrade in automation technology.

A large truck with a retractable arm for cleaning seed silos parked inside a warehouse

The problem Klean a Seed were faced with was making constant modifications to the existing seed cleaning system which soon became a bigger problem with trying to fit further equipment within their space. With our expertise and knowledge we were able to pull back these ideas to a new and complete system with added functionality and control.

The upgraded system adopted new technology such as Programmable Logic Controller brain and install of electric motors to allow more control and versatility with variations in silo sizing and adaptability.

We were elated to bring further versatility within the new mobile seed cleaner; going beyond building out the original ideas and adopting new technology to gauge amounts of silage and create alerts for situation such as low chemicals.

This new innovative design has gained traction within many online agricultural communities as game changer and forward step into the future for agriculture and automation.