Machine Safety Upgrade

Client: Viridian Glass
Location: Albury, NSW, Australia
Project Type: Electrical, Mechanical

Viridian Glass required the relocation and enhancement of their glass float table, ensuring that these measures were implemented to guarantee the safety of their employees and compliance with machine safety standards.

The project was initiated by conducting a thorough safety risk assessment of the existing machinery identifying potential hazards. Collaborating closely with Viridian Glass, VK Logic proposed solutions ensuring alignment with the safety objectives and operational needs.

The safety solutions included fabrication and installation of additional machine guarding, upgrade of existing emergency stop circuits, installation of additional emergency stop circuits, design and installation of safety chock and pin system to allow maintenance to be safely carried out under the table, upgrade of the table edge system to prevent glass from falling off raised table, upgrade of the electrical and pneumatic safety circuits, installation of safety sensors to detect unsafe conditions and supply electrical schematics. Following the installation of safety upgrades, VK Logic conducted testing and validation procedures to ensure that the glass float table operated in accordance with the designed safety parameters.

4 Machine Safety Upgrade

The successful completion of this project resulted in a significantly safer working environment for Viridian Glass while not compromising use or output. Workers now benefit from enhanced safety measures, reduced risks, and increased peace of mind while operating the machinery. The project exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-quality safety solutions.

“VK Logic were very professional when installing the upgrades. Andrew’s handover of the safety upgrades and the modifications to the operation of the table was very good.”