4-Tip Brewing System

Client: Cheeky Peak Brewery
Location: Wodonga
Project Type: Automation, Electrical, Mechanical

Cheeky Peak Brewery is a brewing equipment supplier located in Wodonga in North East Victoria. Grown from a Hobby for brewing, they supply brewing equipment from small to large breweries all around Australia.

The Problem: After listening to customer feedback Cheeky Peak reached out to VK Logic to help translate and design a solution to help improve the efficiency and use of specific brewing equipment.

After analysing feedback it was discovered that their customers main issue was an overuse of labor within actions such as cleaning the brewing tanks and lack of movement and mobility. A new system was created in order to allow accessibility to properly clean the brewing equipment as well as less physical labor to move and relocate the tanks.

A man in a blue beanie placing something inside a large conical container next to a man holding onto a metal handle

The Solution:
When designing this system, we wanted to keep simplicity and accessibility in mind to create a system that would allow Cheeky Peek to quickly and efficiently clean the brew tanks and turn them back around for use. This ultimately resulted in the conception of our four-tip brewing system. A compact and accessible brewing aid that can be easily utilised in a range of brewery spaces.

Utilising the tipping system, brewers could easily gain access to the insides of tanks to clean and begin brewing more efficiently.

The Result:

Our work with Cheeky Peak has allowed them to streamline the production process and develop new methods of manufacturing. This has resulted in a more efficient and effective production line, as well as a reduction in costs. What made the project particularly satisfying was our ability to collaborate with Cheeky Peak to get ideas out quickly as well as brainstorm potential solutions for future systems