30kV High-Voltage Testing Machine

Location: NSW
Project Type: Automation, Electrical

Our customer is a power management company providing energy-efficient products and services to help their customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

VK Logic were engaged to design and manufacture a 30kV high-voltage testing machine to test the insulation and earth continuity on electrical components manufactured by our customer. System safety was a priority in the design of the machine and our qualified Functional Safety Engineering team ensured the design not only complied with relevant standards, it was also easy to use and didn’t hinder the operation of the machine.

A Rockwell Automation Compact GuardLogix® PLC was utilised for both the tester automation and to control the safety system. The main operator access point is behind an interlocked guard in which the operator can load jigs and interiors into the machine to be tested. Access to the hi-pot tester itself is also behind an interlocked guard. Access to this is only for service and maintenance of the hi-pot tester unit. Each guard contains a solenoid actuated safety interlock. Access to the zones is only permitted after the machine is de-energised of any potential lethal voltages and the hi-pot tester has been shut down. An emergency stop pushbutton is located on the control panel. The emergency stop device, when actuated, will immediately stop the entire machine.

The ingenious design of the component mounting system, allows a vast number of different parts to be tested with no adjustment other than swapping jigs. These take less than 30 seconds to swap. Recipes for each component being tested can be programmed, saved, and loaded from a touchscreen interface, allowing varying voltages (up to 30KV), with steps, ramps and delays added as required. Four components can be tested at once to increase throughput, however if a part fails any test, then the tester will automatically identify the individual failed component and continue testing the remaining components. All tests are carried out automatically to meet relevant Australian Standards for this application. Output results are displayed with alarms flagging any fault for each component under test. Results can be exported or viewed locally. A light tower with sounder gives clear status to the operator, including a pre-warning that a test is about to start. The tester can test either DC up to 1000V, or AC up to 30000V and can automatically switch between earth continuity and insulation testing without any operator adjustments. To further benefit our customer, the machine was made to be completely portable and was powered by a standard 10Amp single phase plug. VK Logic were extremely proud to supply a machine that met our customer’s brief in all areas of functionality and safety. Using this concept, VK Logic could engineer and manufacture similar testing machines for a vast amount and array of components, to meet any standard relevant for both high and low voltage testing.